Remodeling your bathroom is not a decision for the faint of heart.  This decision can start out as simple as changing the paint color, but before you can even spread out a drop cloth, your mind is reeling with the possibilities.  depending on the age of your house you could be imagining doing away with dated porcelain colors, transforming wall paper into a modern drywall texture replacing a window, changing fixtures, adding fresh floor and shower tile, recessed lighting, custom cabinets, rebuilding the shower into a better layout, turning the tub into a custom walk-in shower, or simply replacing the tub surround with a solid surface or new tile!  The possibilities are only limited by the size of your bathroom.....or are they? This has turned into a full on remodel project now and i could take that wall out...i think, surly its doable!?

This could be your reality....

You may need to make certain modifications that meed ADA standards, but don't want